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Accuracy of Information

The Orange Feed Network has applied a great deal of diligence in ensuring the reliability of its sources and the accuracy of its information. Nonetheless, we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information within our resources, including the Detailed Host Comparison, and are not liable for any errors or inaccuracies that may exist within them.

If you would like to suggest changes to the information contained in this spreadsheet, you can do so by clicking here, then right-clicking any cell to comment on it.

Fields of Opinion

The spreadsheet contains some fields that must contain values of opinion, as opposed to factual ones. For example, “Ease of Use” and “Overall Appearance” are fields that contain ratings that are derived from the opinions of the Orange Feed Network. As such, these fields should not be interpreted as anything more than opinion.

In relation to our determining of opinionated fields, we decide based solely on concrete and repeatable factors and are not persuaded, monetarily or otherwise, to change our opinions, recommendations, or portrayals of any podcast host.

The Orange Feed Network has affiliate agreements with all podcast hosts who offer it. This only affects the “Discount” column of the spreadsheet, and in no way changes any data, positioning, or further portrayal of those affiliate hosts, or other non-affiliate hosts.


  • Information acquired/verified directly via email and supervised spreadsheet modification from:

  • Buzzsprout (Head of Marketing)

  • Libsyn (VP of Podcaster Relations)

  • Blubrry (Customer Support Manager)

  • Podbean (customer support)

  • Omny Studio (customer support)

  • Simplecast (customer support)

  • Art 19 (President of Partnerships)

  • Spreaker (customer support)

  • Captivate (customer support)

  • (Co-Founder)

  • Castos (customer support)

  • Podigee (Head of Content)

  • (Marketing Manager)

  • Breaker Audio (customer support)

  • (customer support)

  • Fireside (Founder & Co-Founder)

  • Ausha (Chief Marketing Officer)

  • Podserve (customer support)

  • Whooshkaa (Chief Marketing Officer)

  • PodUnion (Founder)

  • RedCircle (Account Manager)

  • Feedpress (CEO)

  • Sounder (customer support)

  • Hipcast (customer support)

  • Cast (customer support)

  • Podcast Blastoff (customer support)