Personalized Quiz

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: This can't be real can it? How do I know I'm not receiving a generic response, or worse, a randomized one?

Answer: Our quiz is 100% legitimate. Your results are completely different depending on which features you're looking for in your host. Entering the same answers will yield the same results, while entering different answers will generally yield different results. Our results pull from 192 different plans from 75 different podcast hosts.

Question: Where is the data coming from? Are my recommendations merely someone's opinion?

Answer: The data used in our algorithm is sourced from our Podcast Host Comparison Spreadsheet, a detailed compilation of information about each and every podcast host, which is in many cases, verified and endorsed directly by these hosts themselves.

Question: Why should I trust the algorithm? How was it created, and how is it kept up to date?

Answer: Our algorithm consists solely of Google Sheets functions, which run off the Google Forms data as it is automatically fed into our database. From there, the hosts that contain certain features are "tagged" onto each question, depending on the answers chosen by the participant. A function is used to calculate the common hosts across each question. If there are any common hosts, they are automatically sent to your email address using the Form Email Merge Utility (A Google Sheets Addon)

Whenever changes need to be made to the algorithm, it's as easy as adding "Yes" or "No" to a cell, indicating if a given host has a given quality. Everything else is updated automatically.

If a host does not meet EVERY requirement you've demanded, they will not be recommended to you. It is thus possible to receive an email stating that there are no viable options for you, if your standards are too high.